“An Explanation of People’s Multiparty Democracy” by Madan Bhandari



Janata ko Bahudaliya Janabad bare kehi kura.

An explanation of People’s Multiparty Democracy.


Madan Kumar Bhandari (1952 – 1993)


1. Introduction:

CPN-UML’s political program is People’s Multiparty Democracy (Janata ko Bahudaliya Janabad). This program is based on multiparty aspirations of political governing model including democratic rule. Multiparty and Democracy are two keywords of this program. Multiparty deals with political governance; whereas, Democracy describes the ruling method. These two keywords are indispensable to express People’s democratic rule. To unite these two ideas, we have coined the term Multiparty Democracy.

There has been a widespread advertisement that the perspective of our party is against Marxist-Leninist and New Democracy ideologies. In the name of opposing People’s Multiparty Democracy, extremists within the Communist revolution, as well as, a bloc inside our party who do not want to follow a Revolutionary Party’s order or discipline, are trying to create a political obstacle against the party. At the same time, to derail our party by using any excuse, the bourgeois and opposing forces have been citing that CPN-UML is against New Democracy and has left its Marxist roots. These elements with disparate ideas, perspectives and political colors have united to take a stand against CPN-UML. In this political environment, our party’s loyal cadres, members and supporters are stuck in a quagmire of illusion, confusion and ambiguity in context of People’s Multiparty Democracy. Is the People’s Multiparty Democracy program really against New Democracy? Is the People’s Multiparty Democracy ideology really against Marxist-Leninist ideology? To answer these questions, it is crucial to discuss Multiparty Democracy at this time.

2. There are no prominent differences between Multiparty Democracy and New Democracy:

Before starting the discussion on whether or not Multiparty Democracy is against New Democracy, we must first understand the meaning of New Democracy. Due to addition of the word “New” to “Democracy”, it is inferred that “Old” Democracy must be different from New Democracy. Old Democracy was established through a revolution against Feudalism during the rise and development of Capitalism. This revolution had started the demise of Feudalism and instilled Capitalism in its place…to be continued